Consensus: Bed Sheets Make Great Cloth Face Masks

Bed Sheets - Best Cloth Mask Fabric?

There is a lot of debate about which fabric is the best material to use for cloth face masks.  Since our company has been making bed sheets for years, we wanted to know how our bed sheet material stacks up to the rest.  A little digging around, and our research has come up with some pretty interesting findings.

“The CDC recommends two layers of tightly woven fabric, such as quilter’s material or bedsheets with a high thread count.”

Image: Washington Post

Research that Proves Bed Sheets Make Good Face Mask Material

According to this article by Consumer Reports, Susan Sokolowski, Ph.D., director of the sports product design master’s degree program at the University of Oregon in Eugene, made the following suggestion:

“You might want to use different fabrics for different layers of the mask. For the layer that will sit directly against your mouth, she suggests a comfortable, washable, tightly knitted fabric, such as polyester, nylon, or a spandex-cotton blend—think athletic clothes. This kind of fabric wicks away the moisture from your breath.

For the outer layer, good options include material from a high-thread-count bedsheet, a double layer of bandanna material, or cotton shirting fabric. The goal is something washable and tightly woven.”

How Our Bed Sheet Fabric Stacks Up

Our bed sheet fabric is known as polyester microfiberMicrofiber fabric is made up of very fine, small diameter, synthetic thread, finer than a strand of silk (which itself is very fine). The basic purpose of using microfibers is that they are very soft and silky. And they’re all hypoallergenic.

Next, our fabric is similar to that of a 300 thread count bed sheet.  Thread count refers to how many threads compose one square inch of sheet fabric, and 300 can be considered as a high thread count for a bed sheet. High thread count is also indicative of a tightly woven fabric, which is another recommendation by the CDC.

Two Layers of Face Mask Fabric

Our custom face masks have two layers of fabric.  The front layer is Polyester Microfiber (same as a 300 thread count bed sheet).  The second inner layer is a polyester/cotton blend of fabric, and is breathable and sweat wicking. This helps to wick moisture away from your breath.

Final Thoughts

There is ample evidence to suggest that bed sheets are a good choice for at least one fabric layer of your cloth face mask. Characteristics such as having a tight weave and breathability should give you the confidence in choosing bed sheet fabric for your next custom made face mask.